How to upgrade your Go Pro Camera Firmware

If you already owned the go pro, the first thing you should do is go to the official go pro web site.
Upgrade your Go Pro Hero firmware.

However, we found that many users have no idea how to do, that’s why we made this video:

Genius CP with DEVO-7 Radio Setting Instruction


The Throttle Curve On the Governor Mode

The Throttle Curve On the Governor Mode


If you use a governor you don’t have to use the old throttle curve setting, you must replace them by throttle curves described in this specific section.

How to Maintaining the Brushless Motor


How to Maintaining the Brushless Motor? Just read this blog post and it may help you.

How Can a RC Helicopter Fly Upside Down


This thread is the continuous of “Knowing the Throttle Curve and Pitch Curve 1”. After reading this you will know how a helicopter can fly upside down.

Pros and Cons of Electric and Nitro RC Helicopter


How to choose between electric and nitro RC Helicopter? Read their pros and cons and you may have the idea.

Fixed Pitch RC Helicopter and Collective Pitch RC Helicopter

What is Fixed Pitch and Collective Pitch RC Helicopter means? What the different between them? Let’s see how to choose it.

Control the Tail Rotor by Setting Gyro Gain

What can we do on the tail gyro to make a better flight experience? Let’s see more about it.

Portable and Tiny Soldering Iron for your RC Model

Have you experience that when you prepare for the flight outside but some of the wires loss connection suddenly? You need soldering it outside and what can we do? This time you need a portable soldering iron.

Specification and Motor Type of a Servo

How to choose a suitable servo? What critrea we need to take care on? What different between servos? After reading this post you must know much more.

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