Walkera V120D02S 6CH RC Helicopter Introduction

Have you try the Walkera 120 class helicopter before? This up-to-date Walkera V120D02S is a very good RC helicopter for transit between micro helicopter to middle or larger size helicopter.

Skyartec Nano CP's 7CH Transmitter NASA 701 Introduction

Nano CP’s transmitter - NASA 701, is the latest 7CH 2.4G Transmitter from Skyartec, it is really cheap price with most of functions needed. You can use only this transmitter to play most of the Skyartec flying meachine such as Skyfun, Cessna, Mini 300, Nano CP…

WL Toy V202 Scorpion 4CH RC Quadcopter

WL Toy V202 Scorpion 4CH RC Quadcopter

Today we will introduce the up-to-date WL Toys Quadcopter, it looks like a scorpion, and it’s model is V202.

Skyartec Nano CP 6CH CCPM RC Helicopter Open Box and Introduction

Have you got your own Nano CP? Let’s see some of videos of it

Review: UDI U816A 4CH Mini Quadcopter UFO

An updated version of U816: U816A, have the original backbone but adding some features and parts make it much more special.

Hubsan FPV 4CH RC Helicopter RTF

Have you heard about FPV, if you don’t you can refer to here. build a FPV is not a easy task, but now you can buy a RTF FPV helicopter from RC FEVER, manufacture buy Hubsan.

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