Review: UDI U816A 4CH Mini Quadcopter UFO

An updated version of U816: U816A, have the original backbone but adding some features and parts make it much more special.

The outlook of it is totally different from U816, the canopy has a ET face that match the idea of UFO quadcopter. Also as we know that UFOs are unlikely to have the propellers structure outlook and therefore UDI made a protective bumper. This bumper not only prevents the chance of damage but also make the outlook approach to UFO.

On the front of UDI816A have a little light bulb that for decoration or identify the direction of quadcopter when playing it at night. The light bulb also highly protected by bumper that not easy to damage.

U816A looks like the body and bumper is firmly attached, but it is easy to take it out in case you want to change the outlook. The U816A have an extra U816 canopy that allow use to change it.

The combo set not only includes the extra canopy, but also four spare propellers. If you are new to quadcopter, if you break a propeller, you need to take good care on the type of direction of propeller. Although they are in the same color, they are totally different.

Let’s see the function of transmitter. The left top button is the sport mode button, if you hold this button and pull the aileron/elevator direction stick. U816A will perform a roll action. The right top button is the light button, you can turn on/off the light by pressing this button.

From the photo, you can see the right top corner is a 360Eversion, if you press this button, U816A will perform a rolling action automatically, however only can perform right hand rolling. The right bottom corner button is the mode switching button, the different of mode 1 is mode 2 is the reaction of direction control.

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