Knowing the Throttle Curve and Pitch Curve 1

Posted on 14 Dec 2012 by  


What is the use of setting Throttle Curve and Pitch Curve? It helps you to set the best transmitter stick control experience and even perform 3D flight.

Throttle Curve: The horizontal axis means the movement of stick, the vertical axis means the output of throttle. The more movement cause the more throttle, if the throttle is not increase with the stick movement it must have problem (For Normal Mode).

Pitch Curve: The CCPM servos control the pitch of helicopter, therefore the horizontal axis means the movement of stick and the vertical axis means the movement of CCPM servos (Pitch). The pitch should increase with the stick.

Problem on throttle curve: If the speed of motor is too high on even middle of stick, the motor and wires will overheat and the life if them may become shorten. Or if the speed is to low the helicopter may not have enough power to fly up. Therefore the throttle curve should set to match the motor and ESC, because different combination may cause different result.

Problem on pitch curve: It is better to set the middle stick to zero pitch, and for beginner don’t suggest to set the lowest stick to maximum negative pitch, about negative 5 degrees is okay since negative above 10 degrees is easy to crush for beginner because of high speed landing.

The Throttle Curve and Pitch Curve should keep setting after flight to achieve the better flight experience.