2013-02 Best Product of the Month – DJI Phantom GPS Quadcopter

Posted on 20 Mar 2013 by RC-Fever.com  


DJI Phantom bring the quoadcopter to another level, not only just a toys. Now you can use DJI Phantom and Go Pro together and take an excellent, professional video.

Just take a look on the video and you will agree with us, that's why it is the BEST product in Feb, 2013

DJI Phantom

Some different between WL Toys V911 V1 & V2

Posted on 31 Jan 2013 by RC-Fever.com  



There are some little thing s you need to know about your WL Toys V911. Let's check it out!

FPV QR Ladybird V2 ARF w/ TX 5805 Video Signal TX

Posted on 30 Jan 2013 by RC-Fever.com  



Here comes Walkera's new quadcopter-- The Ladybird V2, and this time comes with a FPV Camera! This Ladybird is super mini but with super high quality on both material and electronics. When you get it on hand you'll find that it is so small, and it is solid and robust. Everything is well packed in the micro body, and the graphite legs are rigid. All these makes it resists crashes.

WL V911 Version 2 4CH FP Micro Helicopter

Posted on 29 Jan 2013 by RC-Fever.com  



This is the NEW Version of the V911, with upgraded battery, landing skid and slight change in helicopter structure. Improving flight stability and power performance!

Amazon Style Tracking

Posted on 29 Jan 2013 by RC-Fever.com  


No business today, we just want to say "THANK YOU!" We have received lots of positive feedback since last newsletter is sent out. We really appreciate for all of your support and understanding.

As we promised, RC-Fever.com is working hard to make your shopping experience better. Now you can track your shipment without login, without leaving our site! Just like the Amazon shopping! We do better than Amazon, as we provide shipping notification to you by email about your shipping status!

We hope that RC-Fever.com is not only a RC Toys store, but the best store that you will love, and enjoy shopping from. Stay tune with us, we will bring you more products and better service, with a lower price. ^_^

Like it? Get it! at RC-Fever.com!

Double Horse DH 9120 Air Max 4CH Micro Helicopter

Posted on 28 Jan 2013 by RC-Fever.com  



This All New 2013 Latest 4 Channel Double Horse 9120 large rc helicopter is the Best and Newest helicopter yet! Unlike 3 channel helicopters, this 4 Channel Double Horse 9120 is able to move side-to-side. The 9120 rc helicopter is equipped with Gyroscope System for simpliest controls and stabilities, Metal Frame & Body for extra durabilities, and awesome Look and Design. You can enjoy flying in the dark and amazed your friends and family with the bright strobing muti-color LED head and tail lights! Get one today before they all fly away! Single blade design is a step behind coaxial helicopters, which needs more technique. If you have mastered flying a coaxial, try this!

Double Horse DH 9115 Large Size Spy Cam Helicopter

Posted on 24 Jan 2013 by RC-Fever.com  



New Doube Horse 9115 helicopter, 2.4G metal remote control helicopter remote control aerial helicopter, very large, 84cm long helicopter body, comes with HD video taking camera!

Genius CP with DEVO-7 Radio Setting Instruction

Posted on 23 Jan 2013 by RC-Fever.com  



Walkera Super CP 6CH Flybarless CCPM RC Helicopter ARF

Posted on 22 Jan 2013 by RC-Fever.com  



The elegant Super CP has integrates innovative and unique design concept, the fram combines aerodynamics, optimal structure, maximum efficiency. It's not just another mini size 6CH 3D helicopter from Walkera, though most of the parts are identical to the Walkera Mini CP.

Walkera 7CH 2.4G DEVO F7 5.8GHz FPV Radio Control Transmitter

Posted on 21 Jan 2013 by RC-Fever.com