How to choose an indoor Remote control Helicopter?

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Want a flying machine to play at home? An Indoor Remote control Helicopter must be the best choice, it can provide many good time for you. But how to choose a good helicopter? If you are new to the helicopter family, you many find it difficult to choose, but later on I will explain some criteria on differentiate the helicopters.

Nine Eagles Four Channel Helicopters Showroom

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Have you heard about Nine Eagles? It is a helicopter manufacture that established for a long time. The main selling point of their products is the transmitter can change between mode 1 and mode 2 easily, it is much more convenient for those who what to try on both modes and share the helicopter with friends that use the different mode. Also the helicopters are very durable in a crash. Let see what the product they have. You can click the photo to see the more detail information about that helicopter.

RC Fever Helicopter Skill Training Lesson 4 to 5

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Lesson 4: Number Eight flight

Walkera 6CH Micro Helicopter - Mini CP VS Genius CP

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The Walkera have launched two micro ccpm helicopter - Mini CP VS Genius CP, they look really similar, let see what different between them.

RC Fever Helicopter Skill Training Lesson 1 to 3

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RC helicopter is very fun to fly, but how to improve your helicopter skill? How to step by step to become a 3D master? There is no shortcut, the only way is to stabilize your basic skill, if suddenly jump to the hard level flight, you probably need to buy more parts to repair your helicopter.

YRD Amphibious Stunt Psycho Electric Powered RTR RC Car

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Today we will have the CSL X600 V3 Quadcopter Aircraft Combo Kit building instruction. Some may thing it is hard to assemble and need a lot of technique, just see how it works. If you haven’t got it, just buy it from here.

Tips on Flying a RC helicopter in a Safety Way

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Flying a helicopter on the sky have a lot of fun, many friends that new to helicopter just can't wait to fly the helicopter immediately. However, everythings have it's instruction, also have it's danger, Specifically flying a helicopter.

In order to lift the helicopter, the rotating speed of blades is extremely high, if the blade touch your body accidentally, it can cause a serious injury. Therefore safety instruction is very important.

How to do the Blade Balancing to keep your Helicopter Stable?

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Nowadays there are many indoor helicopter, those are fixed pitch and the blades are very light, however, for the collective pitch CCPM helicopters, their blades are heavy compare to the fixed pitch blade, so we need to do the blade balancing.

Why we need to do the blade balancing? If your blades are balanced, of course there are no problems, but imagine that your blades are not balanced, what will happens? the imbalance blade will cause the vibration lead to the incorrect movement of parts, so the helicopter can't keep stable.

Also as the gyro is very sensitive for the movement, the vibration may lead to the strange action of gyro, if the situation is serious, the helicopter may crush on the floor because of it.

Let's start to see how to do it:

Takara Tomy BattroBorg 20 Mini RC Robot

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The next time you want to settle a particular dispute with your equally geeky friend, do not do so over an arm wrestling match. How about a more geeky slant to your settlement? This is where Takara Tomy' s BattroBorg 20 come in, where you wield a nunchuck-style controller in order to control it. Punch with your right or left hand, and it will perform accordingly in the arena as well. I suppose those who have had prior experience with Wii Boxing, this should not be too hard to master after a while.

How to Modify or Improve your Micro Helicopter's Battery?

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After many flight on you micro, will you find that the power of helicopter decrease? It may due to the depreciation of motor or battery, let's see how to solve the problem. How we know the motor or battery have problems? You can compare the flight time, when your helicopter is at the good condition, it can always have a flight more than five minutes, also it only takes less than one hour to fully charge it. When you find your helicopter only fly one to two minutes and need more time to charge, that means your battery may have problem.