How to Choose a Suitable ESC for Quadcopter

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When you build your quadcopter, do you find difficulty on choosing the ESC? Let’s see what criteria you need to consider when buying an ESC.

Multicopter School: Basic Component of a Multicopter

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Some of you may not know how to build a multicopter, so this post will talk about the basic component of a multicopter.

Review: Walkera Quadcopter QR Ladybird V2 with Devo4 TX

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Today we will introduce a new quadcopter Walkera QR Ladybird V2 with Devo4 Transmitter to you all.

Review: Walkera Master CP 6CH CCPM Helicopter

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Today we will introduce you a new 250class walkera 6ch helicopter - Master CP.

What function does the helicopter transmitter have? Walkera Devo10 Demostration

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There are many function can the transmitter has. Did you use all of it? Know the function of your transmitter can help you to fine tuning the helicopter to have the nice flight, let's see some functions you may not notice of the transmitter.

Nice UDI UFO Review from user

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We got a very nice end user reviews from

It is our first end user reviews, a beginner even don't know how to trim a RC toys. But he still able to fly it.

Check it out what he said and you may further read about this.

How to Repair the Servo Gears?

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Do you have the experience that the servo stops working properly such as jamming or improper sound? It doesn't mean you need to buy a new one, it is waste of money. The problem may only due to the damage of gear inside your servo. Therefore today RC FEVER will introduce how to repair the servo gear. It can save much money and also can enjoy the repairing process.

Nine Eagles Six Channel Helicopters Showroom & Transmitter Mode Change Introduction

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Nine Eagles Six Channel Helicopters Showroom & Transmitter Mode Change Introduction

Last time we have introduce the Nine Eagles Four Channel Helicopters, it is time for the six channel CCPM helicopters. What different of this helicopter to allow it fly 3D? It’s depends on the CCPM servo group. You can click the photo to see the more detail information about that helicopter.

What is the Gear Ratio and How it Affect your Helicopter?

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Gear is very useful in the daily life, for example the car engine use the gear to allow high torque at the beginning and high speed when driving.

Li-Polymer Battery Basic Tag Information

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Due to the rise of brushless motor, also the technology upgrade of Li-Polymer. Li-Polymer battery supply becomes much more powerful and widely used. Let’s introduce the tag of Li-Polymer Battery and see what its mean, in order to help you to choose the most suitable battery.