Walkera 4CH 2.4G DEVO F4 5.8GHz FPV Radio Control Transmitter

Posted on 17 Jan 2013 by RC-Fever.com  



We can’t wait to share the new Walkera Devo F4 to you. This new transmitter has a built in FPV monitor with LCD display. The 5.8 GHz FPV frequency won’t affect the 2.4GHz control systems.

Let's track your shipment in RC-Fever.com

Posted on 17 Jan 2013 by RC-Fever.com  


The most common asked question daily in our support team mail box is: "Where is my package?" Actually, you can get the answer immediately without waiting.

In this track order link

If you only have your order ID, you can get the tracking number by using

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If your order is shipped. You can see the tracking number in that page.

Track By Using Order ID and Email

If you already have the tracking number, you can know where is your package now by using the tracking number:

Track Package by using Tracking Number

WL V959 4CH RC Quadcopter RTF with Spy Camera

Posted on 16 Jan 2013 by RC-Fever.com  



Look at this Future Battleship shaped 4-axis quadcopter, it is a small size UFO. With ultra light weight and strong body frame, easy to fly and resists crashes. It can fly both indoor and outdoor in gentle wind condition.

WL V912 MAX 4CH FP RC Helicopter RTF

Posted on 14 Jan 2013 by RC-Fever.com  



A bigger size of WL V911 - WL V912, more resist to wind and metal body frame. Suitable for flying outdoor, if you like V911, this must also fit your needs.

WL V922 Volitation 6CH CCPM Flybarless RC Helicopter

Posted on 11 Jan 2013 by RC-Fever.com  



WL V922 is a new charllange for those who are expert in flying coxial helicopters and single blade CP helicopters. This is a 6CH helicopter which can perform aerobatic flight such as invert flight. It is easy flying with good price when comparing other "Big Brands".

How to Charge the Li-Po Battery Properly

Posted on 10 Jan 2013 by RC-Fever.com  



It is not just the plug and charge for the Li-Po battery, if you charge it in a wrong way, it may shorten the battery life.

The Throttle Curve On the Governor Mode

Posted on 09 Jan 2013 by RC-Fever.com  


The Throttle Curve On the Governor Mode


If you use a governor you don't have to use the old throttle curve setting, you must replace them by throttle curves described in this specific section.

Esky DTS700 3D 6CH CCPM Flybarless RC Helicopter

Posted on 08 Jan 2013 by RC-Fever.com  



This is the latest model to enter the Esky range under the brand new revolution series - Esky DTS700

Syma S34 3CH Chinook RC Helicopter 2.4GHz

Posted on 04 Jan 2013 by RC-Fever.com  



Syma S34 3-Channel Chinook RC Helicopter 2.4Ghz, Syma introduces its newest S34 3 channel coaxial mini chinook helicopter!

Syma S32 3CH RC Helicopter Introduction

Posted on 03 Jan 2013 by RC-Fever.com  



This helicopter is the newest product of Syma in 2013. At late year 2012, convergent core technology has finally developed. With the New 2.4G frequency control, not infrared, you can control 100 pcs helicopters in one time. They have more powerful function and offer you more wonderful flying experience.