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Walkera V120D02S 6CH RC Helicopter Introduction

Posted on 10 Dec 2012 by  


Have you try the Walkera 120 class helicopter before? This up-to-date Walkera V120D02S is a very good RC helicopter for transit between micro helicopter to middle or larger size helicopter.

WL Toy V202 Scorpion 4CH RC Quadcopter

Posted on 03 Dec 2012 by  


WL Toy V202 Scorpion 4CH RC Quadcopter

Today we will introduce the up-to-date WL Toys Quadcopter, it looks like a scorpion, and it’s model is V202.

Skyartec Nano CP's 7CH Transmitter NASA 701 Introduction

Posted on 27 Nov 2012 by  


Nano CP's transmitter - NASA 701, is the latest 7CH 2.4G Transmitter from Skyartec, it is really cheap price with most of functions needed. You can use only this transmitter to play most of the Skyartec flying meachine such as Skyfun, Cessna, Mini 300, Nano CP...

Skyartec Nano CP 6CH CCPM RC Helicopter Open Box and Introduction

Posted on 26 Nov 2012 by  


Have you got your own Nano CP? Let's see some of videos of it

Review and Special Mode Introduction of Takara Tomy BattroBorg

Posted on 20 Nov 2012 by  


Wellcome to Rc-Fever, here comes to the review of Tomy Takara BattroBrog, it's really fun and easy to play, suitable for most of the people.

Review: UDI U816A 4CH Mini Quadcopter UFO

Posted on 02 Nov 2012 by  


An updated version of U816: U816A, have the original backbone but adding some features and parts make it much more special.

Hubsan FPV 4CH RC Helicopter RTF

Posted on 30 Oct 2012 by  


Have you heard about FPV, if you don't you can refer to here. build a FPV is not a easy task, but now you can buy a RTF FPV helicopter from RC FEVER, manufacture buy Hubsan.

Review: Walkera Hoten-X 4CH RC Quadcopter

Posted on 05 Oct 2012 by  


It's time to introduce another Walkera Quadcopter - Hoten-X, just like the brother of QR Ladybady, QR Scorpion and QR Spacewalker. Hoten-X has the bigger size and more function for you.

Review: Walkera Quadcopter QR Ladybird V2 with Devo4 TX

Posted on 25 Sep 2012 by  


Today we will introduce a new quadcopter Walkera QR Ladybird V2 with Devo4 Transmitter to you all.

Review: Walkera Master CP 6CH CCPM Helicopter

Posted on 23 Sep 2012 by  


Today we will introduce you a new 250class walkera 6ch helicopter - Master CP.

Nice UDI UFO Review from user

Posted on 20 Sep 2012 by  


We got a very nice end user reviews from

It is our first end user reviews, a beginner even don't know how to trim a RC toys. But he still able to fly it.

Check it out what he said and you may further read about this.

Nine Eagles Six Channel Helicopters Showroom & Transmitter Mode Change Introduction

Posted on 19 Sep 2012 by  


Nine Eagles Six Channel Helicopters Showroom & Transmitter Mode Change Introduction

Last time we have introduce the Nine Eagles Four Channel Helicopters, it is time for the six channel CCPM helicopters. What different of this helicopter to allow it fly 3D? It’s depends on the CCPM servo group. You can click the photo to see the more detail information about that helicopter.

Nine Eagles Four Channel Helicopters Showroom

Posted on 12 Sep 2012 by  


Have you heard about Nine Eagles? It is a helicopter manufacture that established for a long time. The main selling point of their products is the transmitter can change between mode 1 and mode 2 easily, it is much more convenient for those who what to try on both modes and share the helicopter with friends that use the different mode. Also the helicopters are very durable in a crash. Let see what the product they have. You can click the photo to see the more detail information about that helicopter.

Walkera 6CH Micro Helicopter - Mini CP VS Genius CP

Posted on 10 Sep 2012 by  


The Walkera have launched two micro ccpm helicopter - Mini CP VS Genius CP, they look really similar, let see what different between them.

Unboxing: Syma X1 UFO 4CH RC Quadcopter

Posted on 27 Aug 2012 by  


What is Quadcopter? Quadcopter is a multicopter that is lifted and propelled by four rotors. Unlike most helicopters, quadrotors generally use symmetrically pitched blades, using four motors to provide the lifing force, by controlling the speed of motor, quadcopter can fly forward and backward, upward and downward, left turn and right turn, left drift and right drift, if the rotors' speed have a big difference, quadcopter can even preform a roll action at any direction.