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Amazon Style Tracking

Posted on 29 Jan 2013 by  


No business today, we just want to say "THANK YOU!" We have received lots of positive feedback since last newsletter is sent out. We really appreciate for all of your support and understanding.

As we promised, is working hard to make your shopping experience better. Now you can track your shipment without login, without leaving our site! Just like the Amazon shopping! We do better than Amazon, as we provide shipping notification to you by email about your shipping status!

We hope that is not only a RC Toys store, but the best store that you will love, and enjoy shopping from. Stay tune with us, we will bring you more products and better service, with a lower price. ^_^

Like it? Get it! at!

Let's track your shipment in

Posted on 17 Jan 2013 by  


The most common asked question daily in our support team mail box is: "Where is my package?" Actually, you can get the answer immediately without waiting.

In this track order link

If you only have your order ID, you can get the tracking number by using

  • Your order ID and Email

If your order is shipped. You can see the tracking number in that page.

Track By Using Order ID and Email

If you already have the tracking number, you can know where is your package now by using the tracking number:

Track Package by using Tracking Number

New site features: Previous, Next button in Product Page

Posted on 28 Nov 2012 by  


[caption id="attachment1282" align="aligncenter"]<img src="/images/2012/11/pre-nextbutton.png" alt="Previous Next Buttons" class="thumbnail size-full wp-image-1282" /> Previous Next Buttons[/caption]

We are listening!
One of the customer request that it will be great to have this feature.

Now we made it!
If you browse the product page, you can click on these two buttons and view "<strong>Previous</strong>" and "<strong>Next</strong>" product under the same category!

If you have any suggestion on our site, please let us know. We will make it!

Guest Checkout

Posted on 22 Nov 2012 by  


[caption id="attachment_1252" align="aligncenter"]Guest Checkout at Guest Checkout at[/caption] If you have tried to checkout in the past two days, you should notice that you are able to checkout the cart with the "Guest Checkout" feature.

If you do not want to create an account in our store (not suggested, explain below), you can simply input the email and start the simple checkout process.

However, there is some drawback if you don't have the account in our store. For Registered User, they can:

  • Cash Back Rewards Point:Registered member can enjoy the store cash back rewards points.
  • Display all past orders, pending orders, cancelled orders or back orders.
  • Print the invoice after login.
  • Change billing and delivery address at any time. We don't store card information.
  • Check order status and retrieve tracking numbers after login.

We respect everyone's choice and comment. That's why we created the guest checkout to those who just want to shopping from our store and don't want to create the account.

If you have any comments or suggestion, please feel free to leave comments or contact us here.

Check the shipping fee much easier

Posted on 22 Nov 2012 by  


This is the first post we mentioned about our site features. We will keep loopping you about our site's features and improvement, and also our company news.

From time to time, we got comments from the customers (like you), requesting us to improve the check shipping fee method.

Our team finally found way and made it!

[caption id="attachment_1244" align="aligncenter"]View Shipping Fee in cart page View Shipping Fee in cart page[/caption]

Now you can view the shipping fee in the cart page without any click. If you want to change the shipping country or shipping method, simply use the drop down menu, and you will get what you need without login!

If you have any other suggestion or comments, please let us know! Unlike other online store, we are not only providing the best product, best price to you, but also the best shopping experience!

We are back!

Posted on 13 Jun 2012 by Teddy Chan  


We know it is suck.

Someone hacked our system and make it as a phishing site.

We know we are stupid, as we didn't secure the blog page.

We think that there is no sensitive information to share in the blog.

But obviously, we are wrong.

Now we have disabled the image uploaded, change the comments system.

If you visit our site and get google alert our site is not safe, please help to report to google to tell them we are SAFE now!

We thank you for all your support and keep us growth.

We will restore the previous blog post one by one to make sure that all the content is safe!