How to Charge the Li-Po Battery Properly

Posted on 10 Jan 2013 by  



It is not just the plug and charge for the Li-Po battery, if you charge it in a wrong way, it may shorten the battery life.

There are few mode for you choose to charge the battery:

  • Fast Charge
  • Balance Charge
  • Charge

For fast charge, for me it just a contingency plan, sometime already dated friends but have not enough batteries, then use this fast charge. Fast charge means using the high C to charge it, if the C is too high it may shorten the battery life.

For balance charge, the battery charging where it balance the voltage of each cell. But you still need to select the proper number of C for charging. I will use this if I have enough time and I use this the most.

For charge, it charge without balancing each cell, it is not good for the health of battery, therefore I rarely use this.

What is the means of charging C and how to convert it to A? Take a 11.1V 2200mah 20C battery as an example, 20C is the rate of release power, it should have another charging C but most of the battery didn't have.

The means of charging C is equal to 2200 x 1(C) / 1000 = 2.2(A). It show if you want to charge this battery with 1C you need to select 2.2A. If this battery mention you can charge it with 3C then you can charge it with 6.6A.