Comparison of Walkera Genius CP V2 & Mini CP RC Helicopter

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The Walkera micro 6CH RC Helicopter is awesome, can do the 3D action at home due to its tiny size, also very durable to crash. But how to choose between the Mini CP and Genius CP V2? Let's see the comparison.

Genius CP V2 Mini CP
Canopy 5 6
Rotor Head 1 2

You can see the outlook and canopy shape of them are similar. The rotor head of them both using single layer blade with flybarless structure, the pitch of blade is control by three CCPM servos, very clear design.

Tail motor 3 4
Size 21 21
The tail blade is control by an isolated motor, both are using the same method to control the rudder. The sizes of them are the same. The weight of Genius CP V2 is 41g with the 3.7V 200mAh Lipo battery, Mini cp is a little bit heavier - 45g, since the power is using 3.7V 240mAh Lipo battery.
Servos 7 8
Genius CP V2 and Mini CP come with same the WK-02-04 servos, weighted only 2.42g with speed 0.12sec/60°. The servos arrange of Genius CP V2 is more loose, match with the body frame side. The servos arrange of Mini CP is close to the main shaft, three servos compose a triangle shape.
Flight Control 11 12
The FC of Genius CP V2 is horizontal while Mini CP's is vertical. Genius CP V2 can directly tuning the sensitivity on the FC. Mini CP's gyro is close to the main shaft so it is accurate.
Motor 13 14
Genius CP V2 comes with 0820R brushed ironless main motor and Mini CP comes with 1220FC brushed main motor
Main Frame 9 10
The landing skid of Mini CP is removable while Genius CP V2's is fixed. The battery holder of Mini CP located under the main shaft while Genius CP V2's is located under the FC.

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