Walkera RC Magic Cube MTC-01 for Non-Devo Transmitter

Posted on 05 Nov 2012 by RC-Fever.com  


Do you have a Non Devo Walkera Transmitter? If you do, you must have the problem that it can't use for the new Walkera Helicopter and Quadcopter. But if you have a MTC-01 RC Magic Cube, you can play all the Devo model now!

You can see this transmitter is the old version of Walkera transmitter "WK-2801E". However most os the new Walkera RC model use the Devo version transmitter.

Connect the RC Magic Cube MTC-01 to the Transmitter through the wire, you can use the sticker to stick the MTC-01 on the back of the transmitter.

Turn on the transmitter and MTC-01, the MTC-01 will have blue light flashing, when you maximize the throttle, blue light bright then green light flashing.

Cannect the battery to your Walkera Devo version RC Model, Take the QR Scorpion as an example in this case.

During binding the red light will flashing. The Green light bright indicate the binding process is finished.

It works! Buy the MTC-01 from RC FEVER.