Syma S33 3CH Coaxial Rotor RC Helicopter

Posted on 21 Nov 2012 by  


Have you try Syma S107 before? If you, you must have the good experience on hover the helicopter. Syma RC helicopter is very stable and extremely easy to control, Syma S107 is perfect for indoor but how about outdoor? We need this Syma S33.

S33 have two colors: red and green. The canopy is nice and has some thunder pattern. This S33 is really big with length 75.5cm. This size is perfect for outdoor, it is not easy got affected by the wind, no matter you play it at home or outdoor, still can have a stable hovering.

S33 use the same rotor structure with S107: coaxial structure. Two blade layers allow the rotating torque well balance so the tail motor can use to control the forward and backward flight. It is easy to repair since it has no complex ccpm servos structure and swashplate, suitable for a width range of players.

The transmitter is using the 2.4G EM wave to communicate. It is not easy to interrupt buy outside factor. The combo includes helicopter body, transmitter, charger, screwdriver and spare tail blade. In conclude, S33 is really a good RC helicopter, it is stable and easy to control. I recommend if you afraid can’t control the 4CH helicopter, you can try this bigger size 3CH helicopter first. Just buy it now from RC FEVER.