Portable and Tiny Soldering Iron for your RC Model

Posted on 30 Nov 2012 by RC-Fever.com  


Have you experience that when you prepare for the flight outside but some of the wires loss connection suddenly? You need soldering it outside and what can we do? This time you need a portable soldering iron.

You can’t compare it to the home soldering iron but it is very enough for the accident use. Very tiny size and only need 11.1V T-plug battery to supply, the 450 class RC helicopter always use this type of battery.

It needs within thirty seconds to heat up and it is easy to soldering the wires. You may ask why don’t use the proper procedure such as clean the tips by sponge or clean the flux, but this aims for the emergency use from outside, of cause you can use it at home.

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Soldering Iron Soldering Iron and battery Combo Set