How to Use a Pitch Gauge on RC Helicopter

Posted on 19 Nov 2012 by  


How to Use a Pitch Gauge on RC Helicopter? it's not a difficult task and just follow it:

  1. Switch on your transmitter and set throttle hold "ON".
  2. Plug your battery in on your helicopter.
  3. Turn your blades so they are at 90 degrees to your helicopter, flybar pointing nose to tail.
  4. Place your pitch gauge on one of your blades, about half way down.
  5. Set your collective stick to max or min depending which setting you want to check.
  6. Now you have to 'sight' down the blade and adjust the pitch gauge so the main part of the gauge is in line with the flybar, and you can read off the scale what the pitch setting of your blade is.

Zero degrees pitch:

+10 degrees pitch:

-10 degrees pitch: