Walkera UP-02A Model Receiver Update School

Posted on 25 Oct 2012 by RC-Fever.com  


How to update the newest version of your Walkera model? This time you need a UP02 and UP-02A, It is easy to use, let's see how to do it!

First you need to access this site: Do the registration and download UP02 Program Upgrade Tools, then open the setup.

One thing need to remember is go to C driver, Program Files then UP02 Program Upgrade Tool and click the x64 to do the COM setup.

This time we use QR Ladybird as an example. Connect the QR Ladybird to computer through the UP02 and UP-02A. Don't plug in the battery in this time.

Open the software then click "Connect". Then plug in the battery.

You can see the Device Name: "QR-Ladybird v1.2". Click the "..." to upload the update file.

Download the update file from here. The version in this example is V1.1.

After choosing the update file then click "Upgrade", but you can see the QR Ladybird is the updated version, so no need to do the upgrade. The process is just that easy, however we need to take care is how to connect the receiver, We have the snapshot of connection as follow:

QR Spacewalker:

New V120D02S:

Mini CP:

Master CP:


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