How to do the RC Helicopter Maintenance to keep it Life long?

Posted on 08 Oct 2012 by  


How to make your helicopter life long? Is to do the maintenance periodically, it not only decrease the chance of crash due to the parts problems but also slow down the helicopter natural depreciation.

Canopy Maintenance:

The canopy of your helicopter should be detached and checked for defects and cracks every so often, depending on how much you fly. Check your canopy at least every 8-10 hours of flying time. Vibrations and rough landings can have negative affects on your copter. Make sure everything is tight and in place.

Landing Gear:

Landing gear can show signs of damage or stress and the bolts can loosen. Tightening them properly can increase the overall life of the landing gear and the helicopter as a whole because it will ensure safe landing.

Bearings Maintenance:

Bearings in your helicopter are susceptible to wear and tear over extended use. They need to be lubricated regularly and replaced whenever required. Check your user manual as this service varies depending on your model.

Servo Tray:

It is very important to ensure that the servo tray is not cracked. It needs to be securely fastened to the fuselage.

Tail Boom:

The shaft or the belt of the helicopter can show signs of wear and tear over time. It is important to make sure that whenever the helicopter is stored for a long period of time, the drive tension of the belt or the shaft is released.

Gear Box:

The gear box of the tail rotor is very important. It is to be disassembled and then each part is to be lubricated properly. All screw needs to be tightened.


Different people have different opinions about storing rechargeable batteries. However, as a general rule, it is a good idea to ensure that the cells are not over discharged. The batteries should be stored with a minimum of 50% charge and during winter, they should be stored in a place where they can stay warm. Batteries that are exposed to extreme cold and freeze will more than likely need to be replaced.

Servo Arms:

Cracks in servo arms can cause severe damage to the helicopters during flight. Hence, they need to be checked regularly so that they can be replaced immediately whenever deemed necessary.

Following these maintenance tips will ensure that your RC Helicopter stays in good condition and you can enjoy it. Your Helicopter should have come with a user manual, follow the guidelines for maintenance as well. Buy a New helicopter at RC FEVER.