Walkera 6CH Micro Helicopter - Mini CP VS Genius CP

Posted on 10 Sep 2012 by RC-Fever.com  


The Walkera have launched two micro ccpm helicopter - Mini CP VS Genius CP, they look really similar, let see what different between them.

Here is the box of the Mini CP, this is newer than the Genius CP. The box includes the basic accessory such as the charger and battery.

Let’s see the charger, this can charge two battery in the same time, use the USB cable for power supply, as Mini CP and Genius CP also use the 3.7V battery, they can share the same charger.

Let’s see the outlook of Mini CP, the dark red color is very elegant.

Compare to the Genius CP, Genius CP have the more sharp color – orange yellow. Although they have similar size, they give us two different feeling. If you want to buy Mini CP but want a sharp color canopy, you can still buy the Genius CP canopy for Mini CP, its work!

The body behind canopy, you can see the main board is different, one is vertical and another one is horizontal. The battery pack of Mini CP is place under the main gear but Genius CP’s is place under the main board.

In this snapshot you can see the main gear of Mini CP is thicker than the Genius CP’s and the swash plate structure is the same. The motor outlooks have no different, but Mini CP’s have the temperature control.

The length of tail boom is the same and the tail motor outlooks have no different.

The main blade of Genius CP is little bit longer than Mini CP’s, but it is still work on Mini CP and the flight is fine.

Flight feeling between Mini CP and Genius CP:

  • Mini CP flight sound much lower, may because of improvement of motor.
  • Mini CP and Genius CP tail knock also good.
  • Mini CP has little bit longer flight.
  • Under rapid elevator, Genius CP’s tail has little vibration.
  • Mini CP more stable under rapid left and right turn.

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