Tips on Flying a RC helicopter in a Safety Way

Posted on 03 Sep 2012 by  


Flying a helicopter on the sky have a lot of fun, many friends that new to helicopter just can't wait to fly the helicopter immediately. However, everythings have it's instruction, also have it's danger, Specifically flying a helicopter.

In order to lift the helicopter, the rotating speed of blades is extremely high, if the blade touch your body accidentally, it can cause a serious injury. Therefore safety instruction is very important.

  1. Do a hardware checking: It may cause you sometime but it is worth to do this since most of the accident due to the hardware problems. Check the screws, is it tight enough? Check the blade grips, is it tight enough? Check the wires, is it in a good condition and in the right place? Rotate the blade by yourself, is it smooth and no gear damaged?

  2. Choose a suitable flying place: Some helicopter suitable for flying indoor but some do not, such as you can't fly a 450 class helicopter at home, can't fly a S107G at the windy outside place. Also if you choose to fly outdoor, don't fly if there are heavy wind, don't fly in a rainy day, don't fly it at night as you must see your helicopter clearly.

  3. Keep enough space for flying: Space is very important for helicopter, if it have enough space, although accident occur, the lost or damage can be reduced. A suitable place should have no obstacles such as building, powerline or trees, prevent the chance of crush to such obstacles. Keep diatance of yourself and helicopter to let youself safe, spacing can help a let.

  4. Keep your battery health (For electric helicopter): Always check the batteries, store your batteries in a right place (dry, shaded and cool place), count how long the battery can use for flight and record it, don't fly over that time, it can prevent the chance of crush due to helicopter went out of power.

  5. Keep fuel away from spark (For nitro helicopter): No matter how, it is better if you keep fuel away from spark, such as when you fill your helicopter, stay in the shaded place, also store the fuel in a cool, dry and shaded place, if you have kids, put it out of reach of children.

  6. Flight Simulation: practise more on the flight simulation to improve the flight skill, it can reduce accident chance, no matter how many times you crush the helicopter, it just the simulation, you lost nothing.