RC Fever Helicopter Skill Training Lesson 1 to 3

Posted on 07 Sep 2012 by RC-Fever.com  


RC helicopter is very fun to fly, but how to improve your helicopter skill? How to step by step to become a 3D master? There is no shortcut, the only way is to stabilize your basic skill, if suddenly jump to the hard level flight, you probably need to buy more parts to repair your helicopter.

For the beginner I highly recommend you to buy the V911, V911 is a four channel helicopter not only can do the basic movement of S107G, but also drift to left and right, also it only cost 38.99 and have parts to sell. Even you crush the helicopter; it is easy for you to repair it.

Lesson 1: Start to hovering, feel your helicopter

When you have finished your helicopter checking, you can start to fly the helicopter. Hovering is vital to the process of flight learning, you need to hover for take off or landing. If you don't know how to hover, it is hard to go for the next step.

If you afraid you can't hover your helicopter, it is better for you to buy a training kit to prevent the damage due to crush. Do the checking, go to the suitable open space, make sure the screws and blades are firmed, and make sure you are safety.

Stand behind your helicopter for 5 feet, make sure the tail boom is pointing on you. Otherwise you may confuse the helicopter direction and lose control.

Start to push the throttle stick very slowly, you can start to hear the sound of motor, the blades start to rotate, you can the feel the up thrust force acting on the helicopter, now you only need to feel the throttle change with the height of helicopter. Don't fly too high, about 30cm high is enough, even the helicopter loss control and drift to one direction, you can easily settle the situation by push down the throttle stick immediately, that is why don't fly to high.

After you can feel and control your throttle, you can try to use the aileron and elevator to keeps the helicopter hovering on one point, it is called the correction. Keep correct the helicopter movement time by time, until you can hovering the helicopter within a circle of 2 feet radius, remember always face to the tail boom but not the canopy.

The target of this lesson is to control your helicopter within a circle of 2 feet radius, height 150cm for 10 seconds. Of course you can try to hover more accurately for a longer time and it means more success for this lesson.

Lesson 2: Moving to a point

After you can hover you helicopter, let's jump to this section. This lesson aims to train your control of forwards, backwards, left drift and right drift. Just like the last lesson, place your helicopter on the same place and mark a point 4-5 feet far from the original point. Now you can start to hover you helicopter than try to use the aileron and elevator to hover your helicopter to that point and landing on that point.

You may find that the helicopter may move over the point, you can try to move back the stick after you feel the helicopter start to move, the helicopter have the inertia to move, feel that inertia so that you can prepare for it in that next time, so that you can access that point more accurately. If you can feel that the helicopter is too fast and looks like don't stop at that point, you can push the opposite direction stick to slow down the helicopter.

The target of this lesson is to control your helicopter to move from one point to another point accurately.

Lesson 3: Side Hovering

Now you can take off, hovering, move from one point to another and landing, now it is time to train the sense of direction.

This lesson is aim to hover your helicopter even you face to the sides of your helicopter. It is hard for you to side hover the helicopter immediately, so that you can rotate the helicopter let say 30 degree, if 30 degree okay, than can try 60 degree and finally 90 degree. Train this hovering for both left and right side, until you can hover at any direction just like hovering face to the tail boom.

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