Nine Eagles Six Channel Helicopters Showroom & Transmitter Mode Change Introduction

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Nine Eagles Six Channel Helicopters Showroom & Transmitter Mode Change Introduction

Last time we have introduce the Nine Eagles Four Channel Helicopters, it is time for the six channel CCPM helicopters. What different of this helicopter to allow it fly 3D? It’s depends on the CCPM servo group. You can click the photo to see the more detail information about that helicopter.

You can see the blade holder is moveable and the angle of blade holder is called pitch. Since you can control the pitch of helicopter therefore it is a collective pitch helicopter. Also the swash plate is controlled by three servos. When three servos go up together, the pitch become larger and vice versa.

The flybarless system with mono layer blade makes the helicopter looks more simple and clear. But it will result in the counter rotating force and therefore the tail motor can keep the helicopter stable.

This is the J6 Nine Eagles transmitter that use in the six channel helicopter, the outlook is very professional and the change mode method is the easiest.


This is the micro helicopter length 278mm with only 44g. It comes with the J6 transmitter, aluminum box and other accessories. The most impressive thing is the awesome canopy.


This model is 4cm shorter than 125A, length 240mm with only 45g. For six channel helicopter this size is really small, it also comes with the J6 transmitter but the combo set has not aluminum case.


318A is a small size helicopter length 360mm with 105g, bigger than 125A and 280A. It use the brushless motor rather than the carbon brush motor, therefore you can have many flight without waiting the motor cools down and decrease of motor power.

This is the basic four channel helicopter transmitter and you can see you only need to change the antenna direction to change the flight mode between mode 1 and mode 2. Also this transmitter can act as a charger to charge the used batteries in anywhere.

This is the J4 helicopter, you can follow the instruction, use the screw driver to open the stick box. Then change the place of two stick finally knock the screw back is okay.

For the Nine Eagles J6 transmitter, you only need to open the box behind the transmitter. Then you can see the switch that can change the mode between mode 1 and mode 2.