Review: Nine Eagles 280A Solo Pro 100 6CH RC Helicopter

Posted on 22 Aug 2012 by  


Nine Eagles 280A Solo Pro 100 suitable for people who want to change your helicopter from 4CH to 6CH, also suitable for who have the experience of flying micro helicopter, this a ready to fly version helicopter, you no need to do a complicated gyro or CCPM setting to have a flight. You only need to connect the battery and open the transmitter then enjoy it, very easy to fly and convinent, is a good option before having a 450 class or above helicopter.

Packing Nine Eagles 280A Solo Pro 100 is a micro helicopter, come with a very protective box, including the helicopter body, a transmitter, charger with adapter, battery and screwdriver.

Size & Weight Nine Eagles 280A Solo Pro 100's length only 24cm and the main rotor diameter 246mm. For the flying weight, plastic materials offer a lightweight, it’s only 45g.

Rotor Structure It has simple body structure, one level blade, also 280A Solo Pro 100 have no flybar, the flybarless systems make it looks more simple. The rotor head is controlled by three servos, to perform the left/right drift, forward/backward, and also control the blade's pitch, to perform the 3D flight action.

Tail Structure The tail use an single motor to rotate, it brings tail locked function, help to perform the 3D flight action.

Gyro and Receiver Nine Eagles 280A Solo Pro 100 use 3 Axis 2 in 1 Gyro and Receiver, it is a high performance 3-axis flybarless system. Altought it is a single level blade flybarless systems, it's gyro rectifying flight status, full automatically making the flying much more stability. Elevator and Aileron are balance adjustable function, all these help the helicopter flies more steady , and is more suitable for beginners.

Transmitter The 280A uses the new Transmitter J6 Pro, which is newly designed for 6CH helicopters. The 2.4GHz radio system allows several helicopter to fly in same area with almost zero interference. With large LCD display, Mode 1 and Mode 2 inter-changable, adjustable pitch curve and dual rates.

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