How to maximize performance of your helicopter's battery?

Posted on 24 Aug 2012 by  


Battery can highly affect the helicopter's preformance, such as the power and flight time, if you do not use the battery in a proper way, it can easily be damaged. Therefore, knowing how to use the battery is very important, can exten the battery life and also saving your pocket.

1. Use of new battery If it is the first time you use the battery, it is better for you to fully charge and then discharge it for a few times, it look like very strange, but it really can exten the lifetime of the battery.

2. Cool down before charge After finish your flight, the battery may become hot, just let it cool down for a while before charge it, charging a hot battery will harm the battery life.

3. Let your battery have constant exercise Battery just like human, need a constant exercise to keep it health. Therefore even you have no time to fly the helicopter, you can still do a discharge and charge cycle for a period let say 10 days.

4. Make the dean clear You may find the battery become dirty and have some dust on the battery, you may think it is unrelated to the battery performance, but the dust may stay on the dean and it will hinder the connection of battery, so make sure you keep it clean.

5. Protect it Just like food, having protection is easy, keep it clean and dry, don't store it near the hot place and keep it cool. Protect it and don't let your battery have the hard impact.

Having an extra tips, to protect ourselves, always put the battery pack inside a safe charging bag when charging.