How to do the Blade Balancing to keep your Helicopter Stable?

Posted on 30 Aug 2012 by  


Nowadays there are many indoor helicopter, those are fixed pitch and the blades are very light, however, for the collective pitch CCPM helicopters, their blades are heavy compare to the fixed pitch blade, so we need to do the blade balancing.

Why we need to do the blade balancing? If your blades are balanced, of course there are no problems, but imagine that your blades are not balanced, what will happens? the imbalance blade will cause the vibration lead to the incorrect movement of parts, so the helicopter can't keep stable.

Also as the gyro is very sensitive for the movement, the vibration may lead to the strange action of gyro, if the situation is serious, the helicopter may crush on the floor because of it.

Let's start to see how to do it:

This is the 325mm collective pitch blades with 22g each, of course need to do the blade balancing.

Find a screwdriver, with small diameter and long enough is okay.

Place the blade on the screwdriver.

Rotate it and you can get the horizontal center of the blade, you can call it center of gravity.

Use the color sticker to mark the CG point.

Use the blade balancer to connect the blades.

Hold it between something, I use the storage box this time.

You can see the blades are imbalance.

Add some weight to balance them, using the colorless sticker.

Balanced now!!!

You can also use others machine to do the blade balancing, they all aims to balance the blade.

Choose a suitable one from RC FEVER.