Happy Cow 777-268 Infrared 3CH IR UFO Flying Ball

Posted on 25 May 2012 by RC-Fever.com  


Here comes the new helicopter...no! It's the IR UFO Flying Ball! Presented by the Happy Cow Brand, which is famous of it's production of smartphone controlled RC helicopters, as well as it's high quality. What's new about this flying ball? Let's have a look closer.

Helicopter turns into a ball-shaped object, would that affect smooth flying? Absolutely no, it can still hover well and you can turn control it like usual mini helicopters. As it is round, you won't have to worry about crashing, it can fly near the wall without crashing the propellers so it never crash. It can hover, it can roll on the ground too, as the round frame protects the propeller from contacting obstacles!

The flying ball would be great for beginners, they can practice flying with this extra safe "helicopter". Seeing it flies in the air is also a kind of entertainment, as it looks interesting. You are controlling a ball!

3 selectable bands, this allows maximum 3 helicopters flying in the same area. You can leave the ball hovering in the air with your hands free from the transmitter! This infra-red transmitter can act as the charger for the heli, it needs 6 AA batteries to function. (Batteries are not included in the package)

How to charge it? Easy! Just plug it to the transmitter, switch the transmitter on, that's it! If you don't want to draw power from the dry battery pack, you can also charge by the USB cable included, so that you can charge by a Laptop or PC.



  • Product Size: 19.5 x 19.5 x 16.5cm
  • Product Battery: Li-Polymer Battery 3.7V 240mAh
  • Transmitter Battery :AA Battery x 6 (NOT included)
  • Charging Time: 60mins
  • Flying Time: about 7mins
  • Flying Distance: below 8m
  • Movement: Forward/Backword, Left/Right Rotation, Ascend/Descend

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